Fringes of the Force

The Story so Far

The heroes begin their adventures on the Imperial mining colony of Capella 3. They manage to escape after being branded as rebel sympathizers by the Imperial Supervisor on board the Mangled Crow, a beat up YT-2400 freighter with the droid R2-D20.

They make their way to Nar Shadda where they are sure that they can hide from any Imperials searching for them. There they meet Vago the Hutt, a minor crime lord who coordinates legal and illegal shipments of good around the galaxy. He begins the PCs employment by having them hunt after a pirate by the name of Rycar who has been preying on many of his smuggling ships.

On their return to Nar Shadda with the captured Rycar the PC’s find their services needed again by Vago who has an informant who has gone missing. They track down the last known location of this wookiee informant to a podracing track and find that he’s been captured by a clan of Rodians. The same clan who the bothan Caer stiffed on a shipment of weapons in the past. Infiltrating their ship the PCs manage to defeat their leader and recover the wookiee who now owes a life-debt to Lefas, the ithorian force adept.

Lefas and the wookiee left Nar Shadda in search of the ilthorians lost herd ship.


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